Our Process

Savanna Rags uses a combination of cutting edge technology and highly skilled workers to ensure the best quality product and highest levels of customer satisfaction.

It is our mission to divert excess clothing away from landfill and into the communities of the developing world to empower their communities.

Please watch the video below to see our process:

Part 1 - The Collection

All of the items that we collect start in the hands of Charities, Charity Shops, Local Authorities, Schools and other buisinesses.

Our highly trained Textile Collectors travel around the UK in a fleet of highly efficient vehicles to collect your items.

Our skilled Textile Collectors weigh the items they collect, and use our bespoke software to calculate the payment due.

Payment can be made on the spot, or by bank transfer. Our software then automatically emails a reciept and waste transfer notice for the collection.

Part 2 - Processing

After the items are collected they are transported to our facility in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

We weigh the van to ensure that our measurements from the shops are correct, and unload the items.

Items are transported into the facility where they travel along a set of conveyor belts past our team of highly trained sorters. Each sorter looks for a specific type of items and selects them - throwing them into a container.

After this some groups of items are refined further by groups of specialist sorters. These categorised items are weighed into sets and taken to the baling area.

Balers then compress the grouped items into a bale, these are labeled, grouped into sets of 9 and stored ready for export.

Part 3 - Export

When the customers order is fulfilled these sets of bales are loaded into a container, which is sealed, weighed and sent on its way.

We export to many countries around the world where our items provide an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to buying new.

If you would like any more information about our process please feel free to contact us.