Savanna Rags International



Clothing material that is deemed unsuitable for exporting and reuse as a complete garment due to be being damaged or of being poor quality are cut and processed in to a variety of wiping cloths.

Where possible as little as possible is sent to landfill, the process of identifying what can be reused is the primary objective of our company.

The clothing items are first separated by type of material, these are then checked to make sure they are suitable for the purpose they are intended for. All the material is put through a metal detector to make sure all metal items which could potentially cause harm during use are removed.

The material is then cut in pieces and compressed packed in to 10kg bags. To see the process in images – CLICK HERE

The cleaning cloths are suitable for variety of uses from wiping oil spills in the garage to applying a fine finish to show room car. They can also be used industrial, construction, mining and shipping environments.

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The Process