Helping the Environment and Charitable Organisations by Recycling Second Hand Clothing and Textiles

Environmental and humanitarian issues abound in today’s world, where landfills are filling up at alarming rates and entire cities are devastated by war and natural disaster. While scientists and philanthropists try to come up with solutions to the world’s worst challenges, there is still much that can be done on an individual level to help protect the planet and support the lives of the less fortunate. One way is through the reuse and recycling of all unused or worn out clothing. Reselling, re-purposing or recycling second hand clothing can be a significant way to lessen the load on landfills and help support charities in fundraising efforts to accomplish their humanitarian efforts.

Savanna Rags is an international recycler and exporter of used clothing, shoes and household textiles. Family-owned and operated, this Midlands-based company offers the collection and recycling services of textiles for a range of public and charitable sector customers. Working with many UK-based organisations, Savanna Rags is able to help many charities and community organisations reach their philanthropic and environmental goals.

To maintain the highest standards of business and environmental management, Savanna Rags has undergone the rigorous process of becoming ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified. These certifications are only given to companies that prove they are capable of meeting the needs of their customers, delivering a consistent level of satisfaction and quality and are aware of the environmental obligations of the business as well as how to properly manage these obligations.

Savanna Rags has a fleet of vans and drivers, ready to collect second hand clothing and textiles from various charity shops and collection banks throughout England. Once the garments have been collected, they are taken to the company’s 48,000 square-foot warehouse, where specially trained sorters separate the garments for the graders. Clothing that is unsuitable for wear are sent to shredders for processing and use in making cleaning cloths. Suitable clothing is securely baled according to market demands in either giant 450-500kg bales or ones as small as 45kg to 55kg bales.

Helping organisations, both public and charitable, meet their recycling goals is the mission of Savanna Rags. Since October, 2011, the business is proud to have helped generate £906,822.00 for charitable organisations in the UK.