Clothing Donations Add Up

A school won £500 after it donated more clothing and shoes to a charity project than any other in Nottinghamshire.

Children and parents at Chuter Ede Primary School, Balderton, donated 1,555kgs to the National Police Aid Convoys clothing bank during the 2011-12 school year.

The school beat the totals from previous winners Flintham Primary School and Kneesall Church of England Primary School by 200kg.

Former Balderton policeman Mr David Scott, the aid convoys’ chairman, presented a cheque to Chuter Ede’s head, Mr Bob Hattersley, during assembly on Friday.

Mr Scott said most of the clothing, particularly shoes, went to children in schools in Africa.

He said donating to a clothing bank was the best way of getting rid of unwanted clothes.

Mr Hattersley said: “We are delighted that children and parents have taken the clothing bank on board, and we are helping people in other countries so it’s even more beneficial to us.”

Mr Hattersley said the children had become aware of others more disadvantaged than themselves through both the charity scheme and school projects.

Schools receive payment throughout the year for donating clothes.

The clothes are sorted by the charity and Savanna International textile recyclers who select what is needed for projects abroad, with the rest going for professional recycling.

Year Six pupil Gracie Forster donated one of her old jumpers to the clothing bank. She said it was good the clothing was going to disadvantaged children.

The £500 cheque came jointly from National Police Aid Convoys and Savanna International.