Immigrants arrested at Savanna Rags

Following an article reported in The Mansfield Chad on 20 March 2014.

The Company is pleased to report the following.

After the initial visit by Immigration Enforcement Officers on 19 March 2014 the Company was pleased to offer full cooperation to all interested parties.

As a Company we are respected as a very diverse employer offering equal opportunities to all.

We export world wide and have human resource needs that match our product demands.

Prior to 2014 our internal procedures and controls for checking the right of individuals to obtain work in the UK fell below the standards required. Part of these procedures required the checking and verification of individual identity records and documents. Unfortunately, in our case, some of these documents had been forged to a very high standard, and our procedural weaknesses were exposed.

As a result of these risks the Company was sincere and duly acknowledged its short comings.

With the fullest cooperation provided to all parties the enquiry progressed and concluded to the satisfaction of all concerned. Due to data protection we are unable to comment on individual cases.

The Company is pleased to report that no officers or employees were found guilty or prosecuted of any criminal offences. The Company did however receive a financial penalty mitigated by the fact that evidence existed that the Company had been deliberately targeted by fraudulent documents. The Company duly paid the penalty without delay.

Following on from the lessons learned the Company engaged a team of external Human Resource Auditors to review our internal procedures regarding employment legislation and personnel requirements. Recommendations made by these audits were immediately implemented to ensure Home Office compliance. Additional training and personal development was provided to appropriate staff. Ethical audits were also carried out to satisfy external organisations of our diversity and commitment to providing equal opportunities for all.

At no time during the course of the enquiries did issues such as the Company taking advantage of society’s most vulnerable people arise. The issues of avoiding VAT, PAYE and National Insurance Contributions did not arise and all such duties were fully paid by the Company as and when due.

Savanna Rags International Limited is pleased to base its head office in Mansfield and looks forward to providing employment and opportunities to local people and business.

As a Company we are looking forward to the future