Savanna Rags International

How we work

We specialise in recycling clothes, shoes and textiles, such as linen and curtains. Theses are collected from various charity shops and clothing banks throughout England by our own fleet of vans and drivers.

There are certain items we cannot recycle, so please call us to discuss the content of your load before it is collected for recycling.

All items are sorted and graded in our 48,000 sq.ft warehouse via our purpose built production line, attended by our trained sorting staff – this is the first part of the sort process. The second is where we fine grade the items and quality check each item before they are bagged for the relevant overseas markets.

Our overseas customers prefer items in distinct bundles, so we bale them in appropriate sizes before shipping them abroad. Attention to detail and quality is critical to our operation, so we wrap and seal all our bundles prior to despatch.

We don’t believe in waste or sending things to landfill. If the clothing cannot be resold we send it to be shredded and made in to cleaning cloths to be used in a variety if industries.